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About us


Company Profile

Publishing and education company ANAG has been active in the Czech market since 1990 and is undoubtedly among those companies with the best reputation for organizing professional seminars and publishing professional publications and magazines. The company is active all over the Czech Republic.


Our activity is focused on three main areas:

  • Publishing economic and legal literature and publications on health and leisure,
  • Publishing professional magazines,
  • Organizing seminars.


Our products can be found in the following areas: work, wages, insurance, economics, taxes, accountancy, HR management, customs duty, labour and commercial law, lifestyle, alternative treatment, positive thinking, healthy cooking, books for mothers etc. Our websites provide you also with a wide range of professional publications of other publishing houses, and in addition to that, the publications  also include areas of management and marketing, computing literature,

  • professional dictionaries, encyclopaedias and road atlases.


    Company Base

    The company is based in Olomouc at Kollárovo nám. 698/7, and we also have a branch office in Prague at Mozarteum, Jungmannova 30. At these locations, seminars are held and it is possible to buy professional literature. Our shop, KNIHY ANAG, in Olomouc on Ostružnická street nr. 8, has a wide range of professional literature.


    We inform the professional general public about ongoing law and regulation amendments usually during one-day seminars. We organize seminars lasting several days for selected areas. During the seminars, professional literature is available for sale and some refreshments are served.


    Publications are published in two series: economic and legal publications and publications on health and leisure.

    ANAG publications are published in the following editions:


    The publications delivered always correspond to the valid state of law. In case of minor changes we put updated information on our website at the same time. If major changes are necessary, a new publication is issued.


    Since 1995, we have been publishing the most up-to-date information in the magazine Mzdová účetní (Payroll Accountant), and since 1998 in Účetní a daně (Accountant and Taxes). These monthly magazines regularly provide tens of thousands of readers with an overview of all legislative changes in the areas concerned. These are clearly elaborated in articles by respected authors and experts. The most interesting questions from subscribers and the replies to them are published as well.

    Since 2014 we are publishing a bimonthly called Praktická personalistika (Practical personnel management), which is intended for personalistic pratice in Czech environment.

    Team of authors and readers

    Our key to success is ensuring we have a team of readers and authors who are respected experts – law makers, tax office workers and district welfare administration workers. This means that our interpretation of the particular issues is as close to the state administration bodies as possible. For certain issues, we use the services of experts from specific fields or lawyers.

    The authors of publications from the series on health and leisure are also respected experts or professionals with many years of practical experience. The majority of foreign authors with whom we cooperate have written best-selling books, which are renowned internationally.


    We have customers in all organization types – business organizations, planning units, contributory organizations, municipalities, foundations and interest associations and other non-profit organizations. A significant number of our customers are individuals in accountancy or tax consultancy.

    Sale forms

    Besides the above mentioned sale of publications and magazines in our shops, the most widespread customer service is the mail order sale of publications as per orders received. Parcels are delivered by post to the customer’s address along with an invoice. Payment is made by cash on delivery or by invoice. Magazines can be sent regularly every month by subscription. Beside mail-order, we also accept written orders, and orders made by fax, e-mail or phone. It is always necessary to provide the IČO (company registration number), DIČ (tax identification number), trade name and company address (or delivery address).

    Our range also appears in all respected book shops which offer professional literature. Our publications are regularly updated and amended.