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Introduction to Private International Law

Autor: Natália Štefanková

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  • Nakladatelství: Vydavatelství Aleš Čeněk, s.r.o.
  • Počet stran: 114
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  • ISBN: 978-80-7380-361-2
  • Datum vydání: prosinec 2012
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The publication includes the short outline of the most important issues relating to the Private International Law cases, such as the methods of conflict of law solution, party autonomy, conflict rules, order public, as well as the procedural and substantial thesis connected with the personal statue of natural and legal person, marriage with foreign element, parental responsibility, contracts and torts. The legal basis for this short guide flows from the Slovak perspective how to achieve the solution of the conflict of law problems, as well as the new European Private International Law approach set down in many significant regulations.

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