Žijeme v Česku, umíme česky + CD - Angličtina

Autor: Vlaďka Kopczyková-Dobešová

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  • ISBN: 978-80-904345-5-4
  • Datum vydání: únor 2016
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Czech textbook for English-speaking foreigners – a practical guide. The textbook is not only for self- learners but also for Integration Centres, schools and courses of Czech language. The author is an experienced teacher with many years of teaching the Czech language as a foreigner language. Czech grammar is explained easily and clearly, the textbook contains illustrative tables. Each Unit contains an introductory text, which is compiled of focused grammar as well as grammar comprehensive and listening comprehensive exercises and the summary at the end. The English, Vietnamese and Spanish editions also include an enhanced fonetic part with regard to the pronunciation of sounds that do not exist in these languages and explanations of grammatical categories. The textbook consist of vocabulary and structure of current contemporary language, basic technical terms, phrases and poetry in the range of about 2 000 words, key to almost all exercises, short glossary of Czech dictionary and CD with recordings of introductory texts and a number of pronunciation and listening exercises.

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